Department of Political Science

College of Letters & Science

Major Requirements

Major Declaration
 _____ Complete Declaration form and schedule an appointment with one of the Undergraduate Political Science Advisors.
Foundation Courses 
 At least one course in three of these subfields:
_____ American Government 
_____ International Relations 
_____ Comparative Politics 
_____ Political Theory 
Research Methods Course
 At least one research methods course chosen from the following:
_____ PS200 Research Methods in Political Science (Elementary)
_____ PS218 Understanding Political Numbers (Elementary)
_____ PS274 Political Choice and Strategy (Elementary)
_____ PS376 Analysis of International Relations (Elementary)
_____ PS544 Intro to Survey Research (Intermediate)
_____ PS551 Intro to Statistical Inference (Intermediate)
Upper Level Work
At least 15 credits of upper level work in the major (courses numbered 300 or above)
Total Political Science Credits 
_____ Students must have at least 30 credits within the Political Science Department. 
Here is the Undergraduate Catalog enry for the Political Science Major.