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Wisconsin in Washington 

Offered in partnership with UW-Madison office of International Academic Programs, the Wisconsin in Washington DC Internship Program provides an academic framework for you to to intern in Washington D.C. with various hosts including U.S. Congress, the White House, executive departments and agencies, public policy advocacy and lobbying firms, think tanks, non-profits, law firms and legal institutions, print and broadcast media outlets, marketing and public relations firms, historical sites, and political organizations among many other possibilities. Internships provide effective ways for you to build necessary skills and work experiences in your  prospective career fields. Research shows that students who intern through academic internship programs gain more from the experience than students who intern on their own.  Through this academic internship program, you will gain first-hand experience in the workings of Washington, D.C and connect with UW alumni and other DC professionals while benefiting from an academic program that allows you to critically reflect on your intern experience and the political and cultural nuances of Washington D.C

Badger Reach

The Badger Reach program stems directly from UW alumni who are asking our faculty and staff to find substantive ways to tap UW students’ learning, skills and experiences for the important public-sector work being done in their cities. Whether designing an advocacy campaign for immigration reform, planning a conference on human rights, mobilizing a volunteer corps for voter registration, or creating an app for managing big data for social service agencies, the potential contribution provided by a single UW student in a structured internship environment is great.

Our partnership goal is to create a framework to facilitate student involvement in substantive summer internships that impact their communities in a positive way. While the three program cities share ongoing challenges common to metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. and even the world, each is distinctive in how such challenges are defined, prioritized and addressed by the myriad of local organizations and institutions that will participate in Badger Reach.

The goal of Badger Reach is to facilitate impactful internship placements of 6 students in each of three targeted cities. As much impact as one person can have, the potential impact a group of 18 UW students can make in three cities each summer is vast.

PS 315- Political Internships 

Poli Sci 315 is a 3-credit course with weekly readings, as well as written assignments.  The material covered in the course is designed to be relevant to students who are concurrently serving in legislative or agency internships.

  • This class will have weekly meetings.

  • It is necessary to have secured an internship before applying for the course.

  • Internships do not necessarily have to be in a legislative setting, but do need to be politically related and pertain to legislative issues to be eligible, specifically in one of the following:

    • the governor's office
    • the lieutenant governor's office
    • the state legislature
    • state agencies
    • federal legislative offices

Contact Amy Gangl ( for questions about the course and appropriate internships. 

Admission to this course is by application only.  Please email Prof. Amy Gangl ( with the following information: 1.Name of internship 2.Hours you will work per week during the term and 3.Name and email contact of internship supervisor.