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Devin Judge-Lord

Ph.D. Student
American Politics
Political Methodology
Research Interests: 
Bureaucratic Policymaking, Social Movements, Lobbying, Science in Politics, Property Law, Private Authority, Environmental Policy, Text Analysis

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Advisor: Susan Yackee


BA, Political Science, Reed College
MESc, Environmental Politics and Law, Yale University


Devin’s research interests include bureaucratic policymaking, social movements, lobbying, the role of science in politics, property law, private authority, environmental policy, and text analysis--generally, why certain ideas about our relationships to each other and the land we live off of become policy.

His current projects explore:

  • Methods to measure influence in policymaking
  • Scientific expertise and public participation in administrative rulemaking
  • The politics of climate intervention technologies (climate engineering)
  • Policy feedback between environmental regulations, public spending, and property rights 
  • How product certification standards gain authority and why they change
  • The politics of environmental offset markets.

Previously, Devin worked for the UN Food and Agriculture Organization doing comparative legal research and for a consortium of local governments, working with state and federal agencies to write guidance reinterpreting sections of the Clean Water Act.