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3/03/2015 - Professor Yoi Herrera provided an analysis of the impact of the murder of Boris Nemtsov.
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3/02/2015 - Professor Scott Gehlbach made this contribution to the Monkey Cage on the murder of Boris Nemstov
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2/24/2015 - Ph.D. student Steven Wilson was interviewed public radio about Russian internet censorship.
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2/24/2015 - Professor John Ahlquist talks about the "right to work" legislation on Madison NBC 15.
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2/23/2015 - Professor John Ahlquist is mentioned in this Washington Post on Wisconsin's policies toward labor unions.
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3/5/2015 - Comparative Politics Workshop
12:00 PM Ogg Room, 422 North Hall
3/6/2015 - Political Theory Workshop
12:00 PM Ogg Room, 422 North Hall
3/9/2015 - American Politics Workshop
Ogg Room
3/10/2015 - International Relations Coloquium
12:00 PM Ogg Room
3/11/2015 - Executive Committee Meeting (assistant professor reviews)
11:00 AM Ogg Room
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Aili Tripp, Melanie Hughes

"Civil War and Trajectories of Change in Women’s Political Representation in Africa, 1985-2010," Social Forces.  February 2015.

Benjamin Marquez A review of Democratizing Texas Politics: Race, Identity, and Mexican American Empowerment, 1945–2002.
Steven Wilson . "How to Control the Internet: Comparative Political Implications of the Internet's Engineering." First Monday.
Jonathan Renshon, and Arthur Spirling. Modeling ''Effectiveness'' in International Relations (2015), Journal of Conflict Resolution 59/2: 207-238.   
Simon Haeder, David Weimer . 2015. "You Can't Make Me Do It, but I Could Be Persuaded: A Federalism Perspective on the Affordable Care Act." Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law 40 (2).
Noam Lupu, and Nicholas Carnes. "Rethinking the Comparative Perspective on Class and Representation: Evidence from Latin America," American Journal of Political Science 59 (1): 1-18 (2015).   
Jonathan Renshon, Gary D. Sherman, Jennifer S. Lerner, Christine Ma-Kellams & Samantha Joel, "Perceiving Others' Feelings: The Importance of Personality and Social Structure" (in press at Social Psychological and Personality Science).    
Jonathan Renshon , Losing Face and Sinking Costs: Experimental Evidence on the Judgment of Political and Military Leaders (in press at International Organization).    
Daniel Kapust , “Free Speech and Censorship in Tacitus’ Annales.” In Censorship Moments: Reading Texts in the History of Censorship and Freedom of Expression. Edited by Geoff Kemp. Bloomsbury Academic. 2015. 17-24.   
Daniel Kapust , “Rethinking Rousseau’s Tyranny of Orators: Cicero’s On Duties and the Beauty of True Glory.” In The General Will: The Evolution of a Concept. Edited by James Farr and David Lay Williams. Cambridge. 2015.  175-196.   
Nadav Shelef, Harris Mylonas and Nadav G. Shelef . "Which Land is Our Land? Domestic Politics and Chance in the Territorial Claims of Stateless Nationalist Movements," Security Studies, 23(4):754-786
Jared Knowles , the statewide Dropout Early Warning System (DEWS) was recently included in a piece on the NPR program Marketplace. DEWS is a machine learning algorithm that identifies students unlikely to complete high school on-time in grades 6, 7, and 8 so that middle schools can start helping them sooner.