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The University of Wisconsin Political Science Department is one of the nation's oldest and most respected programs. Our department is highly ranked in national surveys, and our award-winning faculty are known for innovative research on the discipline's most current and important questions. Our dedication to teaching is also apparent: we are one of the largest majors on campus, with a commitment to excellence in undergraduate instruction. Read more about us...

9/27/2016 - The Elections Research Center hosts a debate viewing event for a packed house
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9/27/2016 - Professor David Canon previews the debate and the ERC event on Channel 27
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9/26/2016 - Professor Kathy Cramer is quoted in a Cap Times article
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9/20/2016 - Professor David Canon interviewed by Channel 3 on the leaked John Doe documents
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9/20/2016 - Professor David Canon talks about "dark money" and the John Doe investigation on Channel 15.
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9/27/2016 - International Relations Colloquium
12:00 PM Ogg Room
9/29/2016 - Comparative politics Colloquium
12:00 PM Ogg Room
9/30/2016 - Political Theory Workshop
12:00 PM Ogg Room
12/9/2016 - Elections Research Center 2016 Election Symposium
Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
7/13/2017 - Summer Political Methodology Meeting
UW School of Business
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David Weimer, Dana B. Mukamel, Alpesh Amin, Joseph Sharit, Heather Ladd and Dara H. Sorkin “When Patients Customize Nursing Home Ratings, Choices and Rankings Differ from the Government’s Version.” Health Affairs 35:4 (2016), 714–719.   
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Jonathan Renshon "The Interaction of Testosterone and Cortisol Is Associated with Attained Status in Male Executives” (with G.D. Sherman, J.S. Lerner, R.A. Josephs & J.J. Gross; 2016), Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 110/6: 921-929.   
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