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The University of Wisconsin Political Science Department is one of the nation's oldest and most respected programs. Our department is highly ranked in national surveys, and our award-winning faculty are known for innovative research on the discipline's most current and important questions. Our dedication to teaching is also apparent: we are one of the largest majors on campus, with a commitment to excellence in undergraduate instruction. Read more about us...

11/24/2015 - Professor Scott Gehlbach mentioned in Monkey Cage
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11/23/2015 - Professor Andrew Kydd on the Paris attacks in the Wisconsin State Journal
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11/20/2015 - Professor Noam Lupu writes about the Argentine elections on Monkey Cage
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11/19/2015 - Professor Andy Kydd talks about terrorism and the Paris attacks on Channel 27.
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11/19/2015 - Professor Andy Kydd talks about terrorism and the Paris attacks on the blog Political Violence @ a Glance. (Scroll down to November 18.)
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10/9/2015 - Political Theory Workshop
Ogg Room
10/9/2015 - Inequality and Preferences for Redistribution
12:00 PM North Hall 211
10/9/2015 - Who Matters and When? Evaluating Journalists' News Judgments About Public Opinion Data
12:00 PM North Hall 211
10/22/2015 - Comparative Politics Colloquium
Ogg Room
12/2/2015 - Experimental Politics Workshop: Roundtable on research transparency
12:00 PM
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Aili Tripp, Alice Kang

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