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The University of Wisconsin Political Science Department is one of the nation's oldest and most respected programs. Our department is highly ranked in national surveys, and our award-winning faculty are known for innovative research on the discipline's most current and important questions. Our dedication to teaching is also apparent: we are one of the largest majors on campus, with a commitment to excellence in undergraduate instruction. Read more about us...

7/18/2016 - Professor David Canon talks about Wisconsin's representation at the Republican convention.
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7/18/2016 - Professor Byron Shafer featured in an article by University Communications about attending the party conventions
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7/18/2016 - Professor Howard Schweber discusses what it means to be patriotic in a recent post that ranks the patriotism of the 50 states.
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7/11/2016 - Professor David Canon is cited in this New York Times article about Speaker Paul Ryan his legislative leadership and Donald Trump.
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7/07/2016 - Sen. Elizabeth Warren has recently cited research by Susan Yackee and Simon Haeder on lobbying and rulemaking.
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5/11/2016 - Department mini-retreat: Department priorities and recruitment
5/12/2016 - Political Behavior Group: "The Effects of Non-Cognitive Skills on Political Participation"
Byron Shafer's Home
5/13/2016 - Undergraduate Graduation Reception
9:00 AM Gordon Commons
5/13/2016 - International Relations Colloquium: ┬┐Together at the Coalface: When, Why, and How Theorists influence Policymakers┬┐
12:00 PM Ogg Room
9/15/2016 - Department Picnic
Brittingham Park, 829 West Washington Avenue
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Aili Tripp Where do African women have more power? Surprise — in countries emerging from war, Monkey Cage, Washington Post. July 15, 2016
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Katherine Cramer "The Turn Away from Government and the Need to Revive the Civic Purpose of Higher Education." Perspectives on Politics 14(2): 442-450.   
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