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Political Science 427 - Legislative Internship

Poli Sci 427 is a 3-credit course with weekly readings, as well as written assignments.  The material covered in the course is designed to be relevant to students who are concurrently serving is legislative or agency internships.

  • This class will have weekly meetings.

  • It is not necessary to have secured an internship before applying for the course, but you will need to have an internship by the start of the term.

  • Internships do not necessarily have to be in a legislative setting, but do need to be politically related and pertain to legislative issues to be eligible, specifically in one of the following:

    • the governor's office
    • the lieutenant governor's office
    • the state legislature
    • state agencies
    • federal legislative offices

Admission to this course is by application only. The application form is available by clicking here

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact internships@polisci.wisc.edu.

State Legislative Internship Opportunities

  • Check the Announcements Blog page for the most recent information about internship opportunities. 

Washington, D.C. Opportunities

Other Internship Opportunities

Please also read this note about receiving academic credit for internships!


Here are some links to a limited list of internship possibilities, click here. There so many out there in Madison, we are continually adding to are list. You are free to pursue any politically related internship you seek given your professional and academic interests.  Contact Amy Gangl (agangl@wisc.edu) for questions about the course and appropriate internships.