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    Prof. John Ahlquist

Title: Associate Professor & Trice Family Faculty Scholar
Website: http://www.johnahlquist.net/
Affiliated With: La Follette School, Institute for Research on Poverty, Center for Financial Security, United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney
Office: 210C North Hall
Office Hours: & by appt.
Phone: M 1-3, W 11-12, Th 4-5
Has Voicemail: No
E-Mail: jahlquist AT wisc DOT edu

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Professor Ahlquist maintains active research interests in political economy and applied statistics. Current research projects include an investigation of how electoral institutions shape policy responses to growing economic inequality and the role of risk in the development of social insurance policies. His book, In the Interests of Others (joint with Margaret Levi), will be published by Princeton University Press in 2013.  His journal articles have or will appear in the American Journal of Political Science; American Political Science Review; International OrganizationJournal of Law, Economics, & OrganizationJournal of PoliticsNetwork Science; and Political Analysis, among others.  Prof. Ahlquist received a bachelor's degree in political economy from the University of California, Berkeley in 1998 and a PhD in political science from the University of Washington in 2008. Prior to joining the Wisconsin faculty Prof. Ahlquist taught at Florida State University and held a postdoctoral fellowship at UCLA's Institute for Research on Labor & Employment.

Recent Publications

John Ahlquist 's book is the subject of a symposium in the new Perspectives on Politics issue
John Ahlquist, Kenneth Mayer, Simon Jackman Alien Abduction and Voter Impersonation in the 2012 U.S. General Election: Evidence from a Survey List Experiment Election Law Journal.
John Ahlquist, Amanda Clayton and Margaret Levi. Provoking Preferences: Unionization, Trade Policy, and the ILWU Puzzle International Organization. 68(1) pp 33-75   
John Ahlquist, and Margaret Levi. "Ahlquist and Levi: AFL-CIO takes a big, but necessary, leap of faith." Opinion and Commentary, Detroit Free Press online.   
John Ahlquist, and Margaret Levi. 2013. In the Interest of Others: organizations & social activism.  Princeton: Princeton University Press.   
John Ahlquist, Michael D. Ward, and Arturas Rozenas, “Gravity's Rainbow: A Dynamic Latent Space Model for the World Trade Network,” Network Science 1, 1 (2013): 95-118   
John Ahlquist, "Public Sector Unions Need the Private Sector (or why the Wisconsin protests are not labor's Lazarus moment)." The Forum. 10(1).
John Ahlquist, and Erik Wibbels, "Riding the Wave: World Trade and Factor-Based Models of Democratization." American Journal of Political Science 56, 2 (2012): 447-64
John Ahlquist, 2012. "Who Sits at the Table in the House of Labor? rank-and-file citizenship and unravelling in confederal organizations." Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization.
John Ahlquist, Christian Breunig. 2011. "Model-Based Clustering and Typologies in the Social Sciences."  Political Analysis

John Ahlquist, and Erik Wibbels 2011. "Development, Trade, and Social Insurance". International Studies Quarterly. 55(1): 125–149.

John Ahlquist 2011. "Navigating Institutional Change: The Accord, Rogernomics, and the Politics of Adjustment in Australia and New Zealand." Comparative Political Studies.  44(2):127-55
John Ahlquist, and Margaret Levi 2011. "Leadership:What it Means, What it Does, and What We Want to Know About It."  Annual Review of Political Science. 14: 1-24

John Ahlquist 2010. "Policy by Contract: electoral cycles, parties, and social pacts 1974-2000." Journal of Politics. 72(2):572-87
John Ahlquist 2010. "Building Strategic Capacity: the political underpinnings of coordinated wage bargaining."  American Political Science Review. 104(1):171-88