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     Ryan Owens

Title: Lyons Family Faculty Scholar & Associate Professor
Website: http://law.wisc.edu/profiles/rjowens@wisc.edu
Affiliated With: Law School
Office: North Hall Room 214
Office Hours: https://kb.wisc.edu/polisci/page.php?id=28163
Phone: 608-263-2279
Has Voicemail: Yes
E-Mail: rjowens@wisc.edu
Keywords: Courts, Law, Political Institutions
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Ryan Owens is a Lyons Family Faculty Scholar and Associate Professor of Political Science. He also enjoys an affiliate status with the law school and is an Honorary Fellow in the Institute for Legal Studies. Owens studies judicial politics and American political institutions. His work analyzes, among other things, agenda setting on the United States Supreme Court, strategic behavior on the United States Courts of Appeals, and unilateral executive behavior. Dr. Owens's work has appeared in the American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, Political Research Quarterly, the Georgetown Law Journal, the William & Mary Law Review, the University of Illinois Law Review, Law & Society Review, and the Journal of Law and Courts.

Owens received grants from the National Science Foundation, the Harvard Provost, the University of Wisconsin Graduate School, the Center for Empirical Research in the Law, the George H.W. Bush Library Foundation, and the Southern Political Science Association. He also received the first undergraduate mentoring award given by the Office of the Provost.

Between 2008 and 2011, Owens was Assistant Professor of Government at Harvard University, where he taught undergraduates and graduate students. He also taught seminars in the law school. From 2003-2008, Owens earned his Ph.D. at Washington University in Saint Louis. Prior to graduate school, Owens practiced telecommunications law.

Recent Publications

Ryan Owens, Jennifer Brookhart, and Ryan C. Black. "We Are the World: The U.S. Supreme Court's Use of Foreign Sources of Law.'' Forthcoming 2015. British Journal of Political Science.   
Ryan Owens, Ryan C. Black, and Justin P. Wedeking, "The Chief as Social Leader: Emotional Language, Opinion Content, and Collegiality on the Supreme Court.'' In The Chief Justice: Appointment and Influence, ed. David Danelski and Artemus Ward. University of Michigan Press. Forthcoming 2014.   
Ryan Owens, Daniel Walters, Jennifer Brookhart, and Ryan C. Black. "Upending a Global Debate: An Empirical Analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court's Use of Transnational Law to Interpret Domestic Doctrine." Forthcoming 2014. The Georgetown Law Journal.   
Ryan Owens, Ryan C. Black, and Anthony Madonna. "Qualifications or Philosophy? The Use of Blue Slips in a Polarized Era.'' Presidential Studies Quarterly. 44(2): 290-308. 2014.   
Ryan Owens, Patrick C. Wohlfarth "State Solicitors General, Appellate Expertise, and State Success Before the United States Supreme Court." Forthcoming 2014. Law and Society Review.   
Ryan Owens, Daniel Walters, Ryan C. Black, and Anthony Madonna. "Ideology, Qualifications, and Covert Senate Obstruction of Federal Court Nominations." Forthcoming 2014. Illinois Law Review.   
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