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     Patrick Riley

Title: Professor Emeritus

His teaching and research is on political philosophy. His numerous articles and books include Will and Political Legitimacy: The Foundations of Social Contract Theory from Hobbes to Hegel, Kant's Political Philosophy, The General Will Before Rousseau, and he has translated the works of Leibniz, Bossuet, Fenn and Malebranche. His book, Leibniz' Universal Jurisprudence: Justice as the Charity of the Wise was published by Harvard University Press in 1996; Oxford University Press published his new study of Kant in 1999. He is the editor of the Cambridge Companion to Rousseau (2001), and is publishing an edition of Leibniz' Writings on Justice, 1700-1706 for Yale University Press. He is advisor to the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences on publishing Leibniz' Sliche Schriften und Briefe, and lectures regularly in Berlin, Hannover, Paris (Sorbonne), Oxford and Cambridge.