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     Jon C. W. Pevehouse

Title: Professor
Office: 313 North Hall
Office Hours: W 2:30-3:30; M 1:00-2:00; by appointment
Phone: 608.262.4839
Has Voicemail: Yes
E-Mail: pevehous@polisci.wisc.edu
Keywords: Foreign Policy, International Agreements, International Institutions, International Trade, Political Economy
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Professor Pevehouse's research interests lie in international relations, international political economy, American foreign policy, international organizations, and political methodology. Professor Pevehouse's work examines the relationship between domestic and international politics. Topics on which he has recently published include regional trade agreements, human rights institutions, exchange rate politics, and international organizations. He is the author, with Joshua Goldstein, of International Relations, the leading textbook on international politics. He is currently the editor of International Organization, the leading journal in the field of international relations. He is the co-editor of the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of International Political Economy and the editor of the Cambridge Elements Series in International Relations.

Recent Publications

Jon Pevehouse "Regional Institutions for Human Rights and Democracy." In Oxford Handbook of Comparative Regionalism, ed. T. Borzel and T. Risse. Oxford University Press, 2015.
Jon Pevehouse, Edward D. Mansfield "The Institutional Design of Trade Agreements and the Outbreak of Conflict." In The Political Economy of Peacemaking, ed. S. Lobell and N. Ripman. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2015.
Jon Pevehouse, Judith Kelley An Opportunity Cost Theory of US Treaty Ratification, International Studies Quarterly, February 2015.
Jon Pevehouse, Inken von Borskykowski "International Organizations and World Politics." In Oxford Handbook of International Organizations and International Law, ed. I. Hurd and I. Johnstone. Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2016.   
Jon Pevehouse, Joshua Goldstein International Relations, 11th ed. Pearson, 2016.   
Mark Copelovitch, Jon Pevehouse "International Trade and Finance." In Oxford Handbook of the Political Economy of International Trade, ed. L. Martin. Oxford University Press, 2015.
Jon Pevehouse, Emilie M. Hafner-Burton and Edward D. Mansfield. Human Rights Institutions, Sovereignty Costs and Democratization British Journal of Political Science, 2013.    
Jon Pevehouse, Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier, John R. Freeman, and Matthew Hitt. Time Series Analysis for the Social Sciences. Cambridge University Press. 2015. 
Jon Pevehouse, and Edward Mansfield. “The Expansion of Preferential Trading Arrangements.” International Studies Quarterly 57, 3 (2013): 592-604.   
Mark Copelovitch, Jon Pevehouse, "Ties that Bind? Preferential Trade Agreements and Exchange Rate Policy Choice." International Studies Quarterly 57(2): 385-99.
Jon Pevehouse, “Presidents and International Cooperation.” In George C. Edwards III and William G. Howell, eds., The Oxford Handbook of the American Presidency. New York: Oxford University Press, 2009.   
Jon Pevehouse, Edward Mansfield, Helen Milner (and Edward Mansfield, Helen Milner). January 2008. "Democracy, Veto Players, and the Depth of Regional Integration." World Economy.   
Jon Pevehouse (and Joshua S. Goldstein), eds. 2008. International Relations: A Reader. New York: Pearson Longman   
Jon Pevehouse (and Joshua S. Goldstein). 2008. Principles of International Relations. New York: Pearson Longman.   
Jon Pevehouse (and Edward D. Mansfield). April 2008. “Democratization and the Varieties of International Organizations.” Journal of Conflict Resolution.   

Current Courses taught for Spring 2016-2017

103 - Introduction to International Relations

Instructors: Jon Pevehouse      Field: International Relations