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     John Zumbrunnen

Title: Professor and Director, American Democracy Forum
Office: 322D North Hall
Office Hours: https://calendar.wisc.edu/scheduling-assistant/public/profiles/muUGVjZS.html
Phone: 608.262.5701
Has Voicemail: Yes
E-Mail: zumbrunnen@wisc.edu
Keywords: American Political Thought, Ancient, Comedy, Conservativism, Contemporary Political Theory, Democratic Theory, Education, Populism
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John Zumbrunnen has wide-ranging interests in the history of political thought, democratic theory, and American political thought. Much of Zumbrunnen's published scholarship works at the intersection of Greek political thought and contemporary democratic theory, seeking in particular to recover ancient texts as resources for our thinking about the place and potential of ordinary citizens in mass democracy.  He is currently at work on a book-length project on Benjamin Franklin and the politics of humility.  Zumbrunnen’s first book, Silence and Democracy: Athenian Politics in Thucydides’ History, was published by Penn State University Press in May 2008. His second book, Aristophanic Comedy and the Challenge of Democratic Citizenship was published by the University of Rochester Press/Boydell & Brewer in 2012. His work has appeared in The American Political Science Review, Political Theory, Polity, History of Political Thought and Political Behavior as well as in various edited volumes. 

Zumbrunnen also directs the American Democracy Forum, a program that aims to encourage conversations about the founding principles of American political thought and the place of those principles in the ongoing practice of American democracy.  The ADF sponsors an undergraduate fellows program, a high school educators program, a postdoctoral fellowship, and other activities.  The ADF's three-year Benjamin Franklin Initiative explores links between science, political thought, and law in the Atlantic Enlightenment and the American founding.  Zumbrunnen has recently been active in UW's Educational Innovation initiative and is a fellow of the UW Teaching Academy and a recipient of the Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award, the Phi Beta Kappa Excellence in Teaching Award and the Alliant Energy Underkofler Excellence in Teaching Award .  He currently serves as faculty director of Chadbourne Residential College.

Recent Publications

John Zumbrunnen, Aristophanic Comedy and the Challenge of Democratic Citizenship. University of Rochester Press, 2012   
John Zumbrunnen, Byoung-Cheon Lee, and Se-Hyoung Yi. "Dialogue: American Progressivism and Conservatism—Their Origins, Transitions, and the Present." Citizen and the World 18 (Winter 2010): 134-64.   
John Zumbrunnen, "Comedy, the Ordinary Citizen, and the Salvation of the City."  In Karen Bassi and J. Peter Euben, eds., When Worlds Elide:  Classics, Politics, Culture. New York: Lexington Books, 2010.   
John Zumbrunnen  Silence and Democracy:  Athenian Politics in Thucydides’ History.  Penn State University Press, 2008.   
John Zumbrunnen, Amy Gangl “Conflict, Fusion, or Coexistence?  The Complexity of Contemporary American Conservatism.”  Political Behavior 30:2 (June 2008).    
John Zumbrunnen   “Rejection, Ratification, and the Evolution of a People:  The Case of Wisconsin.”  In Constitutionalism in the American States, edited by George Connor and Christopher Hammons.  University of Missouri Press, 2008.   
John Zumbrunnen  “Fantasy, Irony, and Economic Justice in Aristophanes’ Assemblywomen and Wealth.” American Political Science Review, 100:3 (August 2006).   
John Zumbrunnen   “Elite Domination and the Ordinary Citizen:  Aristophanes’ Acharnians and Knights,” Political Theory, 23:5 (October 2004).   
John Zumbrunnen   “’Courage in the Face of Reality:’  Nietzsche’s Admiration for Thucydides.”  Polity 35:2 (Winter 2002).   
John Zumbrunnen “Democratic Politics and the ‘Character’ of the City in Thucydides.”  History of Political Thought 23:4 (Winter 2002).   

Current Courses taught for Spring 2016-2017

201 - Special Topics in Political Science: Democratic Ideas

Instructors: John Zumbrunnen     

601 - Prosem Topics: Political Theory of the American Revolution

Instructors: John Zumbrunnen