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     Lisa Martin

Title: Professor
Website: http://faculty.polisci.wisc.edu/llmartin3/
Office: 417 North Hall
Office Hours: https://kb.wisc.edu/polisci/page.php?id=28163
Phone: 608.263.2035
Has Voicemail: Yes
E-Mail: llmartin3@wisc.edu
Keywords: International Agreements, International Institutions, Political Economy, Treaties
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Professor Martin’s research is primarily focused on the role of institutions and international organizations in world politics. She views institutions through a strategic lens, examining how their functions and design influence state interaction. Topics that she has worked on include economic sanctions and the role of domestic legislatures in international cooperation. Her current research interests include examination of the signaling and commitment properties of international institutions; comparative analysis of the international financial institutions; and the application of political economy models of trade to trade in services.

Recent Publications

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