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Recent Publications

John Coleman, , William Howell. Understanding American Politics and Government. 3rd edition, 2013; previous editions 2011, 2009. New York: Pearson.   
William Feltus, Michael M. Franz, and Travis Ridout, "Separation by Television Program: Understanding the Targeting of Political Advertising in Presidential Elections." Political Communication 29, 1 (2012): 1-23   
John Coleman, , William Howell, Cause and Consequence in American Politics. 2012. New York: Pearson/Penguin Academics.   
Shaul Shenhav, Tamir Sheafer. "Voting for our Story." Comparative Political Studies 44, 5 (2011), published online October 27, 2010.
and Matthew Holleque. 2010. "Getting Up Off the Canvass: Rethinking the Study of Mobilization." In Jan E. Leighley, ed., The Oxford Handbook of American Elections and Political Behavior. New York: Oxford University Press.