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The Political Methodology field at Wisconsin is broadly defined. It includes training in qualitative and quantitative design, empirical theory, statistical methods and formal theory. As a consequence, Wisconsin students are unusually well trained in the entire field and are prepared to both teach and apply methodologies in all empirical fields of the discipline. The study of, and testing in, methods is not isolated from work in substantive fields, and the exam requires students to be able to apply the methodological questions (theory and technique) to the student's substantive area in an intelligent way.

Research Groups


Faculty in Political Methodology

Barry Burden
Andrew Kydd
Michael Schatzberg
  Scott Gehlbach
Jon Pevehouse
Alexander Tahk

David Weimer

Courses in Political Methodology - Fall 2015-16

274 - Political Choice and Strategy

Faculty: Richard Loeza      Field: Political Methodology

800 - Political Science as Discipline & Profession

Faculty: Scott Gehlbach      Field: Political Methodology

812 - Introduction to Statistics in Political Science

Faculty: Alexander Tahk      Field: Political Methodology

817 - Empirical Methods of Political Inquiry

Faculty: Jon Pevehouse      Field: Political Methodology

919 - Seminar-Advanced Methodology

Faculty: Scott Gehlbach      Field: Political Methodology