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Courses For Fall 2016-2017

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Note: PS 601 may not be used to satisfy distribution requirements (International Relations, American Government, Political Theory, or Comparative Politics) in the major.

100 - Freshman Topics Seminar

Faculty: John Zumbrunnen     

103 - Introduction to International Relations

Faculty: Mark Copelovitch      Field: International Relations

104 - Introduction to American Politics and Government

Faculty: David Canon      Field: American Politics

106 - Politics Around the World

Faculty: Nadav Shelef     

184 - Introduction to American Politics

Faculty: Byron Shafer      Field: American Politics

186 - Politics Around the World (Honors)

Faculty: Yoshiko Herrera      Field: Comparative Politics

200 - Research Methods in Political Science

Faculty: Jessica Weeks      Field: International Relations, Political Methodology

201 - Special Topics in Political Science

Faculty: Katherine Cramer      Field: American Politics

209 - Introduction to Political Theory

Faculty: Daniel Kapust      Field: Political Theory

217 - Law, Politics and Society

Instructors: Melanie Murchison      Field: American Politics

218 - Understanding Political Numbers

Faculty: Patrick Kearney      Field: Political Methodology

219 - Introduction to Public Policy

Instructors: Eileen Harrington      Field: American Politics

244 - Introduction to Southeast Asia: Vietnam to the Philippines

Instructors: Michael Cullinane      Field: Comparative Politics

255 - Introduction to East Asian Civilizations

Field: Comparative Politics

267 - Introduction to Political Psychology

Faculty: Jonathan Renshon      Field: American Politics

274 - Political Choice and Strategy

Faculty: David Weimer     

277 - Africa: An Introductory Survey

Instructors: Neil Ronen Kodesh      Field: Comparative Politics

319 - Terrorism

Faculty: Andrew Kydd      Field: International Relations

338 - The European Union: Politics and Political Economy

Faculty: Nils Ringe      Field: International Relations, Comparative Politics

346 - China in World Politics

Faculty: Edward Friedman      Field: International Relations

362 - African International Relations

Faculty: Michael Schatzberg      Field: International Relations

376 - Analysis of International Relations

Faculty: Lisa Martin      Field: International Relations

378 - Conflict Resolution

Faculty: Andrew Kydd      Field: International Relations

400 - Topics in Political Science: Mock Trial

Faculty: Howard Schweber     

400 - Topics in Political Science: Green Political Theory

Instructors: Jonathon Schwartz     

400 - Topics in Political Science: Washington DC Internship Prep

Instructors: Joel Clark     

400 - Topics in Political Science: Social Science and Law

Faculty: Ryan Owens     

400 - Topics in Political Science: Careers in Political Science

Instructors: Joel Clark     

401 - The American Constitution: Rights and Civil Liberties

Faculty: Howard Schweber      Field: American Politics, ,

414 - The Supreme Court as a Political Institution

Faculty: Ryan Owens      Field: American Politics

427 - Legislative Internship

Instructors: Amy Gangl     

452 - Criminal Law and Justice

Faculty: Danielle Delaney      Field: American Politics

464 - Mexican-American Politics

Faculty: Benjamin Marquez      Field: American Politics

466 - Campaign Finance

Faculty: Kenneth Mayer      Field: American Politics

467 - Elections and Voting Behavior

Faculty: Barry Burden      Field: American Politics

506 - Topics in Political Philosophy

Faculty: Richard Avramenko      Field: Political Theory

570 - Literature and Politics

Instructors: Zakir Paul      Field: Political Theory

601 - Proseminar: Topics in Political Science: Election Reform in American

Faculty: Barry Burden     

601 - Proseminar: Topics in Political Science: Post-Conflict Peacebuilding

Faculty: Scott Straus     

633 - Russian Politics

Faculty: Kathryn Hendley      Field: Comparative Politics

665 - Israeli Politics and Society

Faculty: Nadav Shelef      Field: Comparative Politics

683 - Honors Thesis

685 - Honors Research Internship

800 - Political Science as a Discipline and Profession

Faculty: Scott Straus     

804 - Interdisciplinary Western European Area Studies Seminar

Instructors: Pamela Potter     

812 - Introduction to Statistical Methods in Political Science

Faculty: Alexander Tahk     

814 - Social Identities: Definition and Measurement

Faculty: Yoshiko Herrera     

817 - Empirical Methods of Political Inquiry

Faculty: Jon Pevehouse     

818 - Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Faculty: Alexander Tahk     

826 - Legislative Process

Faculty: Eleanor Powell     

828 - The Contemporary Presidency: Issues and Approaches

Faculty: Kenneth Mayer     

829 - Political Communication

Instructors: Christopher Wells     

836 - Formal Methods of Domestic Politics

Faculty: Scott Gehlbach     

857 - International Relations Theories

Faculty: Lisa Martin     

871 - Public Program Evaluation

878 - Public Management

900 - Economic Inequality in Modern Political Thought

900 - Topics in Political Science: Readings in International Relations

Faculty: Jon Pevehouse     

904 - Seminar - American Politics: Macro Theories of American Politics

Faculty: Byron Shafer     

931 - Seminar - Political Theory: Economic Inequality in Modern Political Thought

Faculty: Michelle Schwarze     

933 - Feminist Political Theory

Faculty: Helen Kinsella     

948 - Seminar: Topics in Comparative Politics: Gender and Politics

960 - Seminar: International Relations

Faculty: Jessica Weeks     

982 - Interdepartmental Seminar in the Latin-American Area

Instructors: Kathryn Sanchez     

983 - Seminar African Studies