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Courses For Spring 2015-2016

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Note: PS 601 may not be used to satisfy distribution requirements (International Relations, American Government, Political Theory, or Comparative Politics) in the major.

100 - Freshman Topics Seminar: Politics & Economics from Smith to Piketty

Faculty: Geneviève Rousselière      Field: Political Theory

103 - Introduction to International Relations

Faculty: Mark Copelovitch      Field: International Relations

104 - Introduction to American Politics and Government

Faculty: David Canon      Field: American Politics

106 - Politics Around the World

Faculty: Nils Ringe      Field: Comparative Politics

184 - Research Methods in Political Science

Faculty: Jonathan Renshon      Field: American Politics

209 - Introduction to Political Theory

Faculty: Daniel Kapust      Field: Political Theory

217 - Law, Politics, and Society

Instructors: Melanie Merchison      Field: American Politics

218 - Understanding Political Numbers

Faculty: Patrick Kearney      Field: Political Methodology

231 - Politics in Multi-Cultural Societies

Faculty: Benjamin Marquez      Field: American Politics

252 - The Civilizations of India-Modern Period

Instructors: Lalita Du Perron      Field: Comparative Politics

254 - Eastern Europe: An Interdisciplinary Survey

Instructors: David Danaher      Field: Comparative Politics

260 - Latin America: An Introduction

Instructors: Alberto Vargas      Field: Comparative Politics

267 - Introduction to Political Psychology

Instructors: Amy Gangl      Field: American Politics

274 - Political Choice and Strategy

Faculty: Jack Edelson      Field: Political Methodology

277 - Africa: An Introductory Survey

Faculty: Michael Schatzberg      Field: Comparative Politics

317 - The Politics of Human Rights

Faculty: Scott Straus      Field: International Relations

359 - Problems in American Foreign Policy

Instructors: Zacchary Ritter      Field: International Relations

376 - Analysis of International Relations

Faculty: Lisa Martin      Field: International Relations

400 - Comparative Foreign Policy

Faculty: Jessica Weeks      Field: Comparative Politics, American Politics

401 - U.S. Policing: Context, Approaches, and Challenges

Faculty: Emma Frankham      Field: American Politics, Comparative Politics

408 - The American Presidency

Faculty: Kenneth Mayer      Field: American Politics

411 - The American Constitution : Powers and Structures of Government

Instructors: Liane Kosaki      Field: American Politics