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Courses For Spring 2016-2017

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Note: PS 601 may not be used to satisfy distribution requirements (International Relations, American Government, Political Theory, or Comparative Politics) in the major.

103 - Introduction to International Relations

Faculty: Jon Pevehouse      Field: International Relations

104 - Intro to American Politics and Government

Faculty: Kenneth Mayer      Field: American Politics

106 - Politics Around the World

Faculty: Nadav Shelef      Field: Comparative Politics

200 - Research Methods in Political Science

Faculty: Jonathan Renshon      Field: Political Methodology

201 - Special Topics in Political Science: Democratic Ideas

Faculty: John Zumbrunnen     

209 - Introduction to Political Theory

Faculty: Howard Schweber      Field: Political Theory

217 - Law, Politics, and Society

Faculty: Christopher Krewson      Field: American Politics

218 - Understanding Political Numbers

Faculty: Patrick Kearney      Field: Political Methodology

231 - Politics of Multicultural Society

Faculty: Benjamin Marquez      Field: American Politics

253 - Russia: An Interdisciplinary Survey

Instructors: Manon Van De Water      Field: Comparative Politics

260 - Intro to Latin America

Instructors: Kathryn Margaret Sanchez      Field: Comparative Politics

267 - Intro to Political Psychology

277 - Africa: Introductory Survey

Instructors: Jo Ellen Fair      Field: Comparative Politics

316 - Principles of International Law

Faculty: Helen Kinsella      Field: International Relations

337 - International Institutions and World Order

Faculty: Anna Oltman      Field: International Relations

376 - Analysis of International Relations

Faculty: Richard Loeza      Field: International Relations

377 - Nuclear Weapons & World Politics

Faculty: Andrew Kydd      Field: International Relations

400 - Topics in Political Science: Washington DC Internship Prep

Instructors: Joel Clark     

400 - Topics in Political Science: Careers in Political Science

Instructors: Joel Clark     

401 - Selected Topics - Poli Sci: Politics of Information

Instructors: Randy Kahn     

401 - Selected Topics - Poli Sci: Politics of Islam & World Politics

Instructors: Eunsook Jung     

401 - Selected Topics - Poli Sci: Political Controversy & Political Skill

Instructors: Ricardo Court     

408 - The American Presidency

Faculty: Kenneth Mayer      Field: American Politics

411 - The American Constitution I

Faculty: Howard Schweber      Field: American Politics

417 - American Judicial System

Faculty: Alexander Tahk      Field: American Politics

426 - United States Congress

Faculty: Eleanor Powell      Field: American Politics

427 - Legislative Internship

Instructors: Amy Gangl      Field: American Politics

431 - Contentious Politics

Faculty: Erica Simmons      Field: Comparative Politics

452 - Criminal Law and Justice

Instructors: Rick Cveykus      Field: American Politics

469 - Women and Politics

Instructors: John Balz      Field: American Politics

481 - Honors Race and Politics in the US

Faculty: David Canon      Field: American Politics

502 - Dev Mod West Pol Thought

Faculty: Michelle Schwarze      Field: Political Theory

506 - Topics in Political Philosophy: The Human Condition

Instructors: Brendon Westler      Field: Political Theory, Political Theory, Political Theory, Political Theory

519 - African American Political Theory

Faculty: Keisha Lindsay      Field: Political Theory

534 - Socialism & Transitions Market

Faculty: Scott Gehlbach      Field: Comparative Politics

544 - Introduction to Survey Research

Faculty: Eleanor Powell      Field: Political Methodology

553 - Intro to Statistical Computing

Faculty: Hannah Chapman      Field: Political Methodology

601 - Prosem Topics: Supreme Court's 2016 Term

Faculty: Ryan Owens     

601 - Prosem Topics: Indian Politics in Comparative Politics

Faculty: Rikhil Bhavnani     

601 - Prosem Topics: Political Theory of the American Revolution

Faculty: John Zumbrunnen     

601 - Prosem Topics: Civil War & Rev: Hobbes & 17th Cen Pol Thought

Faculty: Daniel Kapust     

601 - Prosem Topics: Rousseau

631 - Arab-Israeli Conflict

Faculty: Nadav Shelef      Field: Comparative Politics

642 - Political Power - Contemporary China

Faculty: Samantha Vortherms      Field: Comparative Politics

659 - Politics and Society: Contemporary Eastern Europe

Instructors: Boriana Nikolova      Field: Comparative Politics

660 - African Politics

Instructors: Nicole Bonoff      Field: Comparative Politics

801 - Research and Writing Seminar

813 - Stat Inference Political Research

821 - Mass Political Behavior

835 - Game Theory and Political Analysis

840 - Seminar - National Security Affairs

840 - Domestic Pol of International Relations

866 - Global Environmental Governance

874 - Policy-Making Process

900 - Topics in Political Science: Readings in International Relations

900 - Topics in Political Science: Rousseau

919 - Bayesian Statistics

919 - Qualitative Methods

919 - Advanced Methodology

940 - Domestic Politics of International Relations

945 - Seminar - National Security Affairs

948 - Intro to Contentious Politics