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Title    Date Faculty  
Professor David Canon on What's Next for Wisconsin on WMTV nbc15.com 11/05/2014 Canon, David
Professor David Canon on midterm elections on The Badger Report 11/06/2014 Canon, David
Professor Barry Burden on WI State Elections Board on Channel3000.com 10/07/2014 Burden, Barry
Professor Andrew Kydd's Terrorism course on ABC 27 KNOW.com 10/02/2014 Kydd, Andrew
Professor Ryan Owens on Same Sex Marriage at US Supreme Court on cbs58.com 10/02/2014 Owens, Ryan
Professor Barry Burden on WI Supreme Court ruling on Act 10 on Channel 3000 Madison 08/01/2014 Burden, Barry
Professor Jon Pevehouse on Russia U.S. relations based on Ukraine plane crash, Channel 3000 Madison 07/18/2014 Pevehouse, Jon
Professor Howard Schweber on intersection of religion and politics on Chuck Morse Speaks 06/06/2014 Schweber, Howard
Professor Yoshiko Herrera on Russia and Ukraine current events on WORT Radio 04/21/2014 Yoshiko Herrera 
Professor Kenneth Mayer on Presidential Powers on NPR All Things Considered 01/27/2014 Kenneth Mayer
Professor Andrew Kydd on 2014 Sochi Olympics terrorist threat on Channel 3000.com 01/23/2014 Andrew Kydd
Professor John Ahlquist and co-author Professor Margaret Levi discuss American and Australian Unions on Late Night Live, ABC Australia 12/09/2013 John Ahlquist
Professor Barry Burden testimony to the Presidential Commission on Election Administration in Cincinnati. (Burden section starts at 6:00) 09/20/2013 Barry Burden 
Foreign Intervention and Nuclear Power on A Public Affair on WORT Radio, Madison 09/06/2013 Andrew Kydd
Crisis in Syria on Channel 3000, News 3 -TV,  Madison 09/04/2013 Jon Pevehouse
NYC policy on Stop and Frisk on Joy Cardin on August 13,  2013 at 7:30 a.m. on Wisconsin Public Radio
08/13/2013 Don Downs
Urban vs. Rural Wisconsin on Central Time on July 31, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. on Wisconsin Public Radio 07/31/2013 Katherine Cramer
Wisconsin Budget Bill on At Issue on Wisconsin Public Radio 06/17/2013 Emeritus Professor Dennis Dresang
Boston, Chechnya and Terrorism a faculty panel recorded on April 30, 2013 to air on Wisconsin Public Television 05/09/2013 Yoshiko Herrera (moderator) and Andrew Kydd
Election 2012 in Review (Vimeo Video) 11/13/2012 John Coleman
What Religiosity Tells US About Partisanship 11/06/2012 Byron Shafer
What's Next for Wisconsin After the Recall? (Society of Professional Journalists. WisconsinEye) 06/21/2012 Katherine Cramer
Post-Recall Analysis (Campaign 2012 Newsmakers. WisconsinEye) 06/06/2012 Barry Burden & Katherine Cramer
Recall Outcome (Channel3000) 06/06/2012 John Coleman
Recall, Petitions, Polls Show Polarized Voters (Campaign 2012. WisconsinEye)
Charles Franklin
Political Reform Issues (Common Cause in Wisconsin. WisconsinEye)
Barry Burden
Professor Howard Schweber debate "Is the Welfare State Just?" with Don Watkins of the Ayn Rand Institute, on Vimeo.com  04/01/2014 Schweber, Howard
Professor Scott Straus on Democracynow.org on Rwanda and Former President Clinton (Straus in the last 10 minutes of the 59 minutes segment) 04/07/2014  Scott Straus
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