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Department Administration

David Canon, Department Chair (email: dcanon@polisci.wisc.edu)

Scott Gehlbach, Associate Chair (email: gehlbach@polisci.wisc.edu)

Department Staff

in Room 110 North Hall

Front Desk, General Information, 263-2414 (email: info@polisci.wisc.edu).

Debbie Bakke, Financial Specialist, 265-1167 (email: djbakke@wisc.edu). Purchase requisitions, transmittal forms, faculty research and grant accounts, department S&E, trust fund and student award account maintenance, and purchasing and financial reports.

Joel ClarkCareer and Internship Instructor, 263-2031 (email: jclark24@wisc.edu). Undergraduate career/internship coordinator for the Social Sciences that include majors in Political Science, International Studies, and Sociology.

Ricardo CourtDirector of Undergraduate Services, 262-5639 (email: court@wisc.edu). Academic advisor for undergraduate political science majors (online scheduler).

Toni LandisUndergraduate Advisor, 263-2028 (email: tllandis@wisc.edu). Academic advisor for undergraduate political science majors (online scheduler).

Deb McFarlane, Graduate Program Coordinator, 263-1878 (email: djmcfarlane@wisc.edu). Administrative assistance to Ph.D. program and Associate Chair, coordinates admissions, fellowship competition, TA and grader appointments and payrolls, prelim exams and placement.

Vacant, Department Administrator, 263-1780.

Marilyn Price
, Timetable Coordinator, 263-1877 (email: marilynprice@wisc.edu). Timetable creation, Course registration/enrollment, travel reimbursement, key distribution, UPS package shipping.

Nicole SenterFaculty Support and Payroll Coordinator, 263-2415 (email: nsenter@wisc.edu).  Department payrolls, department benefits, e-reimbursements, faculty leave accounts, faculty support, travel planning. 

Beth Shipman, Chair's Assistant, 263-1793 (email: eshipman@wisc.edu). Administrative assistance to the chair including taking calls, sorting mail, keeping calendar; arrangements for department visitors, faculty recruitment and tenure exercises, grant administration, department outreach and fund raising activities.

Christy Lee Ward, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, 263-2414 (email: clward3@wisc.edu).

Information Technology

Beth Tobakos, Department IT Specialist, 265-3681 (email: it@polisci.wisc.edu).

Ken Mayer, Computer Services Committee Chair (email: krmayer@wisc.edu)